The Hoppings (3)

pics 2013 381

pics 2013 337

pics 2013 380

pics 2013 318

pics 2013 321

pics 2013 317

pics 2013 322

pics 2013 320

pics 2013 093

pics 2013 335

pics 2013 327

My photographs documenting ‘The Hoppings’, one of Europe’s largest traditional traveling fun fairs. This began in the late 19th century and has been held annually on the Town Moor, Newcastle Upon Tyne , UK.

(none of my photographs are ‘Photoshopped’…..the middle photographs were taken in June 2012, at approx 4pm-which should have been daylight! As I was photographing the fair the sky suddenly went apocalyptically black due to the arrival of a mega summer storm that flooded many parts of the city)


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2 Responses to The Hoppings (3)

  1. ponor says:

    Great to see your photographs!

  2. Cheers, thanks for taking the time to have a look.

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