Shack Life photo 8

cabin new 157 cabin new 418

cabin new 408cabin new 182

cabin new 231cabin new 326

cabin new 493cabin new 343

cabin new 215cabin new 371





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9 Responses to Shack Life photo 8

  1. Even peeling paint can offer a beautiful image! Great capture.

  2. Thank you. I love the different colours of the shacks and age/work needed can make them more interesting and beautiful too.

  3. pantypopo says:

    Yes, the beauty of peeling paint.

  4. Tobysgirl says:

    Wish I could see the backside of my 1840s farmhouse as beautiful! They are probably the original clapboards, and the paint on them is a really ugly yellow. What do photographs do? People used to take pictures of us in our absolutely gross kitchen and it would come out on photographic paper looking quite nice. My Sri Lankan penpal took a virtual trip down the roads in our area and marveled at all the “wealthy houses.” They must look a lot better on the computer than they do in reality.

    • Lol, you’re right. Looking at things and living with them are too very different things. Your farmhouse sounds very interesting.

      • Tobysgirl says:

        It is. A post-and-beam carpenter said it was rare to see the posts so perfectly spaced, and I wish I could see the house the way it looked when it was built. My understanding is that post-and-beam architecture was essentially unchanged from medieval times. We have a cut granite block foundation and the house was ringed with huge underground boulders around the outside of the foundation to facilitate drainage. In the 1870s or later — we found a newspaper from 1878 under what would have been a new floorboard — the house underwent major renovation: the chimney was moved though fireplaces were still used for heat, new yellow pine (a hardwood pine) floorboards in the parlors, etc. I used to romanticize old houses — no longer! — but it is like living with another personality, not just an anonymous building.

      • Hey thanks for this, It’s fascinating!

  5. Tobysgirl says:

    I’m looking forward to more photos and a description of life in a shack in the northern Pennines (did I get that right?). How cold does it get? Do you have a garden? How do you heat? Do you have plumbing?

  6. More photos soon. Yes my cabin is near the North Pennines in Northumberland, UK. The cabin is really well built so not that cold when I have my wood stove going. In fact its really warm even in mid winter. No plumbing except for a small field drain. I may write a post explaining all at some point soon……

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