The ‘treatment’ for non-gender conforming girls/boys is child abuse

In the UK any child not conforming to gender stereotypes may be diagnosed as having gender dysphoria – defined by the NHS as:

“a condition in which a person feels there is a mis-match between their biological sex and their gender identity.”

The age at which treatment can start for this ‘condition’ was lowered in 2011 from 16 to 12 years old. According to recent reports, hormone blocking drugs are now allowed to be given to children as young as 9 years old.

The Gender Identity Service at the NHS Tavistock and Portman clinic deals with all cases of such treatment for those under the age of 18. Treatment involves hormone blocking injections in order for the patient to basically undergo the process of stopping puberty, as pre-stage to a possible ‘sex change’. The drugs used may also be potentially dangerous, and may have been previously used in the treatment of cancer  for example.
Reports claim children as young as 3 years  (!) have been referred to the clinic and the number of all referrals has tripled in the past 4 years.
In terms of adults there are many complex arguments surrounding this issue. Gendered roles attached to both sexes are not questioned however as limiting the behaviour and choices of all people. Biological females are supposed to display ‘femininity’- not a natural expression of being female but a social construct that alters according to historical conditions, cultures and societies. Likewise males are supposed to display ‘masculinity’. We are indoctrinated with the associated norms of gender from before birth according to our sex.

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Any deviations from this has resulted in anything from societal pressures and rejection to extreme violence and state punishment.
Rightfully and for many reasons however many people either naturally or intentionally simply can not identify with the limiting gendered roles that are applied to them.
However to assume this inability to conform should manifest as necessitating a ‘swap’ of sex is disturbing. Not only does a ‘sex change’ involve many severe life changing and potentially dangerous medical interventions, but such procedures rely on the harmful dichotomy of the ‘feminine’/’masculine’ gender principles. In order to have such ‘treatment’ for example, a man must ‘live as a woman’ for a length of time before such procedures will be allowed to take place..(This was the experience of a friend of mine who while searching for answers to their actual intersex status and mistreatment by the medical profession, was instead advised to have surgery, to ‘live as woman’- an experience quite alien to them….). ‘Living as a woman’, in turn, is defined as little more than wearing dresses, make up and acting ‘feminine’, which is not actually the experience of genuine womanhood. It is a shallow patriarchal interpretation and gender stereotype. Being born  female is a complex and particular experience which can not simply be ‘mimicked’.
Such ideas do not free anyone but continue to place people into limiting boxes of acceptable gendered behaviour which is automatically and wrongly associated with our biological sex.
However whatever the arguments are in terms of adults, what is happening to children is extremely worrying.
There are many reasons why both girls and boys do not conform to aspects of constructed gender identity. My own son naturally played with dolls, loved the colour pink and had long hair – all his own choices. He did so because he was given the chance to have that choice rather than being guided by parental and societal gendered expectations. In doing so he was allowed to express himself, something which did not alter or at all harm the fact he was also a male child.
Girls growing up especially have many reasons to reject ‘femininity’. Femininity can be extremely oppressive in terms of restrictions in clothing, behaviour and status. As many adult women have adopted perceived ‘masculine clothing’ and ‘masculine behaviour’ in conjunction with their liberation over the past centuries, girls likewise have found freedom in expressing themselves ‘like boys’ in order to participate and experience a more fully functional life.
To discuss these issues we must therefore consider the nature of patriarchal society and the limits and privileges constructions of gender places on children and adults, on the basis of biological sex.
Instead however and crazily…..children as young as 3 years old are being referred to be treated for ‘gender dysphoria’. Hormone blocking injections are now administered to 12 year olds.

It is actually a form of child abuse….

Any child simply expressing themselves while not fitting into a specific gender stereotype is potentially at risk of this harmful diagnosis and faces their lives being altered forever.

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35 Responses to The ‘treatment’ for non-gender conforming girls/boys is child abuse

  1. pantypopo says:

    Very powerful writing. And very frightening concepts.

    In the US, I have volunteered with several girls sports groups. Some of these girls are so wonderfully competitive & hard-working and so gloriously thoughtless of their looks & body images. These are the girls who give me hope for future equality of the sexes. Their focus is on what they can accomplish as individuals, on how they can best work together as a team, and how to best manage their busy little lives in order to be the best person they can be.

    These are also the girls who would be first to be set aside, and then lined up for the gender correction facility. The “boy” in them would be stomped out and they would return to society as lifeless shells of humanity. The attributes these girls display are the attributes which men want to hold as their own, and only as theirs. It is terrifying that we may lose so many powerful young people to this insidious social disease before it’s rot and stink is detected.

    Thank you for writing this and for publishing it to the world. I hope many parents will find this and save their children.

  2. Henke says:

    Thank you so much for bringing this into the light.

  3. pantypopo says:

    Reblogged this on OUT of My Panties, Now!!! and commented:
    This is an important issue as the profitable medical and pharmaceutical industries are encouraging that children be medically forced to conform to sex role stereotypes. As parents, we should be valuing the diversity created by allowing all children, regardless their sex, to pursue the activities, interests, behaviors and clothing which they most enjoy. A happy and confident child is the greatest gift we can offer our own futures. Love your child for exactly who they are and value their individuality. We all have so much to lose when you do not.

  4. Reblogged this on I'M NOT "TRANSGENDER" ANY MORE and commented:
    Absolutely shocking and evil.

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  6. androguyandcat says:

    your blog is wonderful … come check mine out at

  7. Mary Sunshine says:

    Reblogged this on Female Biology Matters and commented:
    How dare you be a female child who does not conform to your “gender”? We have biology-crippling drugs for that. That’ll take care of *you*, little girl.

    This is femicide.

  8. Hope says:

    They are now starting to “offer” to hormone blocking treatment to nine year olds

  9. elizabeth says:

    Within a couple of decades from now, the results of these socially traumatizing, physically devastating sexual fetishes of transgenderists will take a deadly toll. Sensible, humane people will be horrified that such practices were ever allowed to occur. Doctors violating their Hippocratic Oath by mutilating healthy bodies, practicing genital mutilation and pumping up supplicants with physiological incompatible hormones will be reaping a harvest of cancers, immune system diseases, organic brain disorders and a host of other ills. Such doctors may be jailed or lose their licenses due to malpractice and the many injuries that they will incur in their patients. David (Brenda) Reimer is just one example of this: [..] Just as we are destroying the environment by laying waste, disrespecting it and wantonly inflicting insult, some are abetting the savaging of individual’s bodies and annihilating women’s group identity and women’s hope for a better future by fraudulently invading and counterfeiting women’s political aspirations.

    • Yes the medical profession have much to answer for-especially in terms of children here. It reminds me of how many intersex people have been so badly treated-having their sex decided for them at birth and often followed by ‘corrective’ operations. This ruined so many lives.

    • Tobysgirl says:

      I wish I could believe that in a couple of decades, people would come to their senses, but remember shock therapy? It’s now back in vogue! I live in a country where people can’t remember yesterday, let alone what happened 10, 20, 30 years ago.

  10. Raquel says:

    In Spain, a christian (but government-funded) school has already cast out a child because of not conforming to gender stereotypes.
    And the government has chosen to keep funding that school.

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  12. neasdenparade says:

    You see very clearly. I hope the world eventually comes to its senses on this and many other similar madnesses.

  13. Flux and Virtue says:

    Friends on Facebook recently posted this link from which came from the San Diego Pride page:

    All of the comments were praise for the family for doing ‘the best thing’ for their child.
    I was mortified and couldn’t let it go without commenting.
    My response was that the vid had made me really sad and that true acceptance of their daughter would be letting her cut her hair short, play baseball and go to the party as Spiderman, be fine with it and tell anyone who said anything negative that they are the ones who need to go and change.
    I went on to say how we are not born knowing girls wear dresses and boys play with trucks it’s taught from the moment we take our first breath (look at the frilly, pink drenched nursery ready for their daughters arrival).
    And summarised by saying that it was attitudes that needed to transition, not people’s gender, about what one has to “look like” and conform to in order to be a girl/woman and boy/man. This is a shame on society and not progressive at all. Stuff you already know I realise, but it brings me to my point:
    Not one person commented after me.

    • Great comment, thank-you. Thanks for posting the vid. You’re absolutely right in what you say.

    • Tobysgirl says:

      And you know what’s interesting, Flux? As Cordelia Fine points out in Delusions of Gender, this pink saturation is a relatively recent phenomenon (when children were first color-coded, pink was for boys as it was derived from red, a “strong” color). When my father was born in 1916, little boys wore dresses just like little girls, no pink, no blue. What we need to ask ourselves is why is gender becoming more rigid, more pronounced, more emphasized?

      • Exactly, well said.

      • Sugarpuss says:

        […]pink was for boys as it was derived from red, a “strong” color

        I’ve noticed that red is now perceived as a more feminine color, too. It’s associated with sexual desire/sexiness/lust/etc. We’re told to wear red lipstick & a red dress if we want to really “wow” a man. It’s also interesting that red is considered a color of power. This all plays into the very popular (yet utterly false) belief by society (especially men) that female sexuality is powerful enough to force men to do awful/careless/ignorant things. And that we wield said sexuality, like a weapon, against men.

  14. Flux and Virtue says:

    I didn’t realise colour coding for children was a fairly new thing. The more I delve and read about this I feel we are gripping even more tightly to gender conforms despite thinking we are breaking down barriers and moving forward.

    • Yes agree, this is extremely worrying.

    • Tobysgirl says:

      I think some of this is due to urbanization. When I lived in NYC, I began to see that the only thing that made urban males look manly was for women to get thinner and thinner, weaker, more helpless, more gender-coded; otherwise, everyone would pretty much look the same (pale skin if of European ethnicity, black clothes, practical shoes for walking city streets). In the 1980s, a group of people headed by a stockbroker physically attacked a couple for being gay men; it was a heterosexual couple, the woman wearing pants and a jacket.

      It’s easy to wonder if this increased emphasis is due to women being visible in government, business, etc, but I’m not sure that really affects ordinary people’s lives. I do think liberalism goes hand-in-hand with denial of sexist and racist attitudes, one reason liberals seem so eager to engage in touting transgenderism in children (making themselves feel, well, liberal, while denying their essential belief in rigid gender behavior).

      • ‘one reason liberals seem so eager to engage in touting transgenderism in children (making themselves feel, well, liberal, while denying their essential belief in rigid gender behavior)’-this is interesting analysis-thank you.

  15. When her parents asked my three year old granddaughter what she wanted to be when she grew up she said, “I want to be a puppy!” They smiled and watched her frisk about on all fours, yapping like a Chihuahua and thought, “Isn’t that cute.” But they never thought of getting her cultural or medical interventions to help her realize her wish for puppyhood. The next year they asked her again what she’d like to be when she grew up and she said, “Angelina the Ballerina!”
    Thousands of miles away my great niece, nearly the same age, also professed that she wanted grow up to be Angelina the Ballerina. One in Asia and the other in the USA – each sharing the same media-induced aspiration; that’s cultural imperialism for you.
    This year she said, when asked, that she wanted to be a Princess when she grew up. Being a strict anti-monarchist this vision didn’t appeal to me and what are the chances anyway of realizing such a dream? There are few existing Princesses and the Monarchy is a dying institution even though Swaziland’s King Mswati III has chosen an 18-year-old as his 15th wife and has at least 24 children: princesses and princes all. Not a fate any decent person would want for their child – or anyone’s child.
    But this is not the time to burden a young child’s mind with the screwed-up depravities of the adult world. They will find out soon enough and we can only hope when that time comes they will have developed the strength of mind and critical thinking capacity to sift out the dross from the ethical and we can be there to support them to achieve a wholesome, beneficial future.

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