Lament of the Working Class Hero’s Wife

Lament of the Working Class Hero’s Wife

O the wains are greeting and the sink is leaking
And you're standing in the pub wi' your Youngers Tartan Special
And you say you're educating all the younger generation
Of your left wing politics and that's a fact.

CHORUS:  I ken I'm the wife but I'll no be your skivvy
         You may be a man but what can you give me?
         Cuts in houses, cuts and bruises
         That's no the story for a bloody life o' glory!

O you say that the solution is a left-wing revolution
But you're drinking money's pockled fae the family allowance
Your Marx and all your Lenin disna help me wi' the cleanin
And I've had tae put my wedding ring into the pawn.

Well I really canna take it, so you're going to have to make it
On your own, cos I'm going wi the bairns and our belongings
And we'll maybe go to Maggie's or to Effie's or to Aggie's
Cos we've got a lot of sisters that will see me through.

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