I am a women’s liberation activist, anarchic dyke, mother, International Hoover Artist, zine maker, low impact shack dweller and this is Shack Diary. I live in a cabin most of the time near the North Pennines, UK. How life relates to feminism, politics, art, kitsch and other random stuff……adding more garbled white noise to the age of the ‘selfie’.safer-spaces

3 Responses to About

  1. Moe says:

    Hey Shack – thanks for the ‘follow’. LOVE new readers. And welcome to the blogsphere – I think you’re going to have fun. Drop a few ‘fem’ comments at my place and watch my ‘gentlemen’ readers come visit here to give you a scold. . . . I can almost promise that!

  2. Tobysgirl says:

    Is that moss or lichen growing on your roof? Is that your roof? I’m fascinated by this; I live in rural America and have a steel roof; nothing grows on it but rust.

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