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Why be liberated when you can be ‘normal’?? A lesbian proposing NO to gay Marriage…..

I’m writing this in the light of the recent celebrations over the Irish ‘yes’ vote for same-sex marriage. ….And by writing this I’m not judging or condemning anyone’s personal choices in terms of gay marriage. I have fellow gay friends … Continue reading

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Set Her Free – End Detention For Women Refugees Now

Set Her Free – End Detention For Women Refugees Now Please sign the petition from Meltem Avcil (an ex child detainee of Yarl’s Wood), calling to end detention of women seeking asylum in the UK:…

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When women attack feminists – self-hate in a woman hating culture

As feminists, when we stand together to challenge the misogyny embedded in our culture we have learned to expect to face the patriarchs, the MRAs and the violence and ignorance of men. However sometimes we find ourselves confronted on such … Continue reading

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‘Choice’ for women remains a loaded term.

Choice is a complex term, on one hand we feel as though we are independently directing our choices, but on the other our choices, both manipulated and restrained, are to a large extent directing us as women. Choice is clearly … Continue reading

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Prostitution, an interview with two survivors.

An interview with two ex-prostitutes. ‘Kelly’ is a friend of mine and ‘Sasha’ is a friend of hers. These women asked if their names could be changed for the interview. How did you get involved in prostitution Kelly? “I was … Continue reading

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Poet Madiha Bhatti on misogyny in music

Listen up Jay-Z, this Muslim woman’s got something to say to you. Poet Khalil Gibran wrote, “Music is the language of the spirit”—but what happens when that language tears our spirit down?Muslim spoken word poet Madiha Bhatti didn’t like the … Continue reading

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from inside the trans community

We Need to Recentre Trans Debate I’m incredibly frustrated at the current state of debate in the trans community and I believe it would be a good idea to recentre trans debate along the lines of the New Narratives … Continue reading

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